Telecom Bill Auditing: Helping Our Clients Save Money

You could be overspending on telecommunication bills by as much as 35%! Our Telecom Expense Management expertise and bill auditing services add security to our clients' IT and Telecom Departments. We provide a reassurance to clients that their business telecom services are functioning and that billing is optimized for both maximum performance and maximum savings. Our analysis and "drill down" methodology uncovers service and fee excess charges for telecom voice, data, and wireless services. Our audits include careful review and analysis of clients’ domestic and International rates, plans, fees, usages, features, taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges, and service charges.

Why use Telecom Bill Auditing service? Controlling the cost of telecommunication expenses has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technology solutions and choices, vendor support problems, and a lack of adequate resources and tools to control these costs. Industry experts estimate that 80% of problems with telecom invoices come from vendor billing errors, unnecessary services or misapplied taxes. Other cost challenges include: locations and services with suboptimal pricing plans, closed client locations still being billed for services, an inability to accurately and continuously track assets and services, the inability to control employee expenses due to lack of both clear corporate policies and transparency.

ISI’s Telecom Profit Optimizer™ service concentrates on obtaining vendor refunds due to billing errors and recommending actions that will reduce your telecommunications costs and improve productivity on an ongoing basis. Our approach is to evaluate all areas of your voice, wireless and data communications expenditures, provide recommendations specific to your situation and requirements, and implement approved recommendations to ensure rapid realization of savings.

We Help Clients Take Control Of Telecom Costs

Clients could save on average of 10 to 25% on their telecom expenses thanks to our Telecom Profit Optimizer™ audit service. With our Telecom Profit Optimizer™, clients can receive long-overdue vendor refunds caused by billing errors. Our services include case specific recommendations for reducing telecom costs and improving telecom productivity on an ongoing basis.

Our telecommunications auditing, Consulting, and Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services are focused on delivering maximum savings for clients. Telecom invoice auditing is based upon a detailed review of our clients’ billing/invoices and an analysis of various telecommunications services and related expenses. We provide a global service covering most of the world including North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia.

Our telecommunication solutions require no carrier changes. We specialize in telecommunications audits. We do not diversify into any other utility bill auditing, or telecom sales of any type. This focus and dedication has made us an industry leader in Telecom Audits and Expense Management, keep us in the forefront for providing a service free of financial conflicts and agendas. For over twenty years, we have navigated through the changes in carrier services and Service Providers billings and provide clients the benefit of our wisdom and experience in managing such costs.

We provide telecom audit and expense management services for Voice, Data, and Wireless invoices. Our solutions include:

  • Telecom audits deliver optimum recoveries and bill cost reduction savings
  • We can help clients’ internal teams spend less time with their audits
  • Our Drill Down forensic analysis is based on twenty years of experience
  • Our detailed status reports help clients monitor progress
  • With detailed status updates throughout audits clients are always informed
  • Our mission is to deliver the maximum results, accurately, and timely