Startup Consulting & Tech Transfer

Founders who start with an idea will need not only financial resources, they will need the tools to build and operate a business. Nationwide Bandwidth matches startup clients with the right vendors and support systems that will be necessary for transforming an idea into reality. Our Technology Transfer services can then assist startups transfer their developments to institutions who would welcome those startups’ solutions, products and services. Many founders, after being given the initial “pitch” by us might respond with “Why do we need you? What’s so important about your consulting that we can’t do for ourselves?”

Why is our Startup Consulting service important?

Startup ventures, small businesses, and even solopreneurs often require strategic and technology advisory services. These founders, dreamers and merchants might be experts at what they have to offer the world but they don’t “know it all”. It’s a free country and everyone is welcome to find what works for them and some will opt to go it alone and tackle all the challenges in creating and growing a young business.

Many of these creators will recognize an opportunity to make progress than their competitors and peers by reducing the learning curve of mastering all the challenges which every new and young enterprise will have.

We help entrepreneurs get a firm handle on their infrastructure for their startup and connect our clients to a vast network of reliable suppliers and partners that will enable them to overcome potential operations bottlenecks and grow them business.  A startup often does not have experience working with different vendors or technologies. In many cases, founders and managers are confronted with solving very basic sourcing and fulfillment decisions for the first time in their lives. This is why our service is important.

Why Nationwide Bandwidth for Startup Consulting?

We have about two decades of experience IT and telecom experience, and seen a lot of boom and busts and startups come and go so we really can relate to clients.  Once a struggling startup ourselves, we understand on a personal level the daily challenges faced by entrepreneurs.   We can help with the selection of the most appropriate suppliers for clients and help them avoid the expensive “tuition” of  mistakes. We are certain that our help with optimizing clients’ “burn rate” and/or operational expenses would always be welcome.

The execution of growth strategies, including the delivery of new products and services to market, relies not only on great people but also the tools they need. Those tools are the right technology planning and infrastructure. A business might have a great “hammer” at their disposal but NOT every problem it must solve or goal it has targeted is a “nail”. We can help clients turn sketches and notes on a whiteboard into the reality of targets and milestones achieved  by helping them secure the right tools.

Technology Transfer and the Technology Broker

Technology brokers are bridge-builders between the current economy and  emerging fields. Tech brokers are intermediaries who apply scientific concepts or processes to new situations or circumstances. Many institutions, including companies, universities and governmental organizations have an the equivalent of an “Office of Technology Transfer” dedicated to identifying research which has potential commercial potential and developing strategies for escorting nascent technology and research into the mainstream economy.

A research result may be of scientific and commercial interest, but patents are normally only issued for practical processes, and so someone—not necessarily the researchers—must come up with a specific practical process and/or application. Another factor to consider is commercial value. Let’s use a dramatic example to help us explain: there are many technologies to accomplish nuclear fusion, to recreate the process which drives the sun and which has been one of the  “holy grails” in the quest for limitless energy,  the only ones of commercial value are those that generate energy on a more than break-even basis - where more power comes out than was used to create fusion. It is always helpful to have an intermediary assist with helping to find a bridge between what has been conceived and what can be made commercially viable.

Nationwide Bandwidth’s role in this context is to understand BOTH what the researcher/developer/provider has as well as what the adopter/vendor/consumer needs - and to translate the motivations between both parties.  This is neither a straightforward nor easy process and the right technology broker should the tenacity to follow a relationship through to its culmination. In summary, as a technology broker, Nationwide Bandwidth plays the role of “matchmaker” between the future and the real economy.