T3 Line Service

T3 Lines are always-on high speed leased telecommunications lines operating over fiber optic cables, for customers who have outgrown T1 service.

When a 1.544 MBps private, “always on” and global capable, connection is not enough, T1 LINES’ BIGGER BROTHER, T3 LINE SERVICE, could be the answer.

What is T3 Line Service?

T3 Lines are ideal for larger than average data and voice service customers. Potential T3 customers may be organizations who may have outgrown telecom solutions such as T1 service lines or where Business Ethernet fiber may not be an option.  T3 Lines are high speed leased telecommunications lines operating over fiber optic cables.  T3 circuits are reserved strictly for the organization leasing them and are not shared. The bandwidth, however, from the network provider may be shared. Service is usually leased by organizations on a monthly or annual basis, to connect geographically separated offices for private voice and/or data networking. Typical customers are larger businesses.

Details about T3 Line Services:

T3 Service Lines have many features similar to T1 Line Services but they are not a “one-size-fits-all” telecom solution. There are many T3 providers to choose from and each provider may differ in their quality of service, speeds, and network capabilities.

  • T3 Lines operate at a maximum speed of 45 Mbps, whereas T1 lines have a speed of 1.544 Mbps. While this speed is moderate compared to most modern cable or ethernet services, some markets still may not have access to either cable or fiber Business Ethernet which means T3 lines may be the best solution for larger businesses
  • T3 Lines are very secure private lines for both voice and data services
  • T3 Lines do not have the distance limitations that DSL has. However, T3 costs may increase based upon a customer’s distance from a local telephone company’s central office.
  • T3 Lines contain a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which protects quality of service. Most service providers include an SLA with their leases detailing their quality of service commitments
  • T3 Lines have a very low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) which means the phone company will repair any problems and prioritize your repair, resulting in much less downtime caused by outages. This is the “real world” and lines do go down but you can keep the headaches down too.


For larger than average customers, or customers with larger than average needs, to connect their offices, provide data and phone services for their offices, T3 would be the way to go.  T3 Lines are an ideal investment for large enterprises which cannot tolerate outages and downtime.  Examples of this are businesses who have branch offices accessing many hosted servers and have a very large organization requiring many phone lines and a PBX.