T1 Line Service

T1 Lines are copper or fiber optic internet circuits, and may be leased by customers in need of a secure connection between two locations.

What is T1 Line Service?

T1 Lines are internet circuits which operate over copper or fiber optic cables, and are leased by customers in need of a secure connection between two locations. Once leased, these circuits are reserved exclusively for the organization leasing them and are not shared. (Please note: the bandwidth from the network provider may be shared however.) Private leased lines like this connect customers’ offices, on a global scale, for their private voice and/or data networking needs. Such service lines can be rented either month-to-month or annually by organizations who need an “always on”, secure and exclusive telecom connection.

A Few Facts about T1 Line Services:

There are many T1 Line providers and each provider differs in quality of service and network capabilities. Most service providers include a Service Level Agreement, an “SLA”,  which provides details on the quality of service commitments the provider is willing to offer.  T1 Lines do not have the same distance restrictions as Digital Subscriber Lines (“DSL”) and are generally available in most areas. Please be aware, however, that T1 Line costs can increase based upon a customer’s distance from its local telephone company’s “central office”, or “CO”.*

  • T1 Lines are highly secure private connections for both voice as well as data
  • T1 Lines do not have the distance limitations of DSL. In other words, if a customer’s offices are far from each other, even half-way around the world, then T1 Lines may help
  • T1 Lines operate at a maximum speed of 1.544 Mbps. YES, although this speed may be slow compared to most modern services but even now some areas may not have access to higher speed Cable or Fiber connections at all - a T1 Line would be an attractive solution
  • T1 Lines contain a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which protects quality of service and most service providers will offer an SLA with their leases
  • T1 Lines have a very low Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) which means that phone companies will prioritize repair work orders, resulting in reduced downtimes

Customers seeking a cost-effective way to privately connect offices for data and/or voice services will understand that leasing a T1 Line can be an ideal solution. T1 Line service can be the “go to” telecom investment for small and large businesses, while also ensuring minimized outages and downtime. Examples: businesses who have branch offices connecting remotely to access a file-server, host web services and a mail server such as Exchange in-house.